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Sweet and Love Brazil

Barbara Costa is an advertising professional who transformed her knowledge into the art of creating delicious treats in her kitchen. She decided to dedicate herself to her lifelong dream after the birth of her son, and sought an alternative carreer that would allow her to be more involved in his life and also feel fulfilled professionally.

Barbara grew up watching her mother bake bread, cakes and snacks in order to help pay the bills at home. Sadly, her mother passed away when she was just 16. This memory and example led Barbara to improve her skills so she went on to take various courses in making bread, cakes, and chocolate. It also was what inspired her to start Sweet and Love.

At first she baked cakes for friends and family but very soon she was running a thriving business. What stated out as an extra activity in her life had now become an exilerating fulltime job.

We believe that love is the foundation for everything and that each product is molded and prepared with great quality a lot love!!